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    FXSG-300H hose crimper

    FXSG-300H hose crimper

    FXSG-300H hose crimper is our latest products, it has accurate position-fixing equipment,the precision can reach 0.1mm.in operation,there are three ways for you,manual,semi-automatically and full-automatically.Besides this machine have big opening,ф160mm,and the opening of die is 47mm.it is especially suitable for insulator%27s crimping.

    This machine successfully imported military technology from Former Soviet Union ——“Lake-tech” for finishing machining of the metal surface. The Lake-tech greatly increase the hardness and finish of friction surface and slip surface, it reached to aeronautical and astronautical standards.it is prolong the life of machine. 

    technical specifications

    crimper range  ф6~ф64mm

     maximum φ64 IV

    modulus  3
     systematic pressure   31.5Mpa
    die diameter:  φ115mm
    displacement of oil pump  14.5L/min
     crimper force   630t    motor power 4kw 
     weight per  395kg 
    outline size  820×590×1280mm3

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